Terms of Sale

  • All sales are final
  • Broken and defective discs will be replaced
  • If the delivery company is unable to deliver to the declared address (due to the package being refused, the customer having moved, an insufficient address, or any other such reason) the seller accepts no liability
  • By placing an order customers agree to the terms of sale outlined on this page
  • Access to these terms of sale is clearly provided to customers at the point of purchase by notification on the purchase page

Customer Service

If you have a query that is a:

  • publicity request
  • speaking request
  • church screening request
  • media request
  • order
  • or general feedback

then you are in the wrong place! Please click here to obtain directions on the suitable contact for your query. Our customer service team will not handle any of the above queries.

To start your customer service process, please first review our answers to commonly asked questions:


When will my order ship?

For security reasons, our warehouse does not ship until your payment clears. This ensures that we can honor your order without any non-payment issues.

Please bear in mind that your payment may take a business day or two to clear, depending on your payment method and location.

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When will my order arrive?

For US orders:

Within 48 hours of placing your order will will send you an email with a tracking number. If you click on this tracking number you will be taken to the delivery company's website to track the progress of your delivery. Please allow up to 48 hours for the receipt of this email, and in case you do not receive it please thoroughly check your spam box.

The various postage methods offered vary dramatically in speed. This was clearly outlined when you chose your postage method during the ordering process. If you selected the cheapest option (Media Mail) then delivery will take substantially longer than if you paid a premium for the fastest option (FedEx).

We aim to provide our customers with a wide range of options to suit their budgetary preferences. For this reason we offer three speeds of delivery, each representing a different price point. This service requires that we trust our customers to take responsibility for their choice. If a customer chooses the cheapest delivery option that means that they will have to be tolerant of the considerably slower delivery time.

As clearly disclosed on the order page, the delivery times for USA deliveries are:

USPS Media Mail: 5-14 business days (i.e. up to 3 weeks!)

USPS Priority Mail: 1-4 business days

Fedex 1-4: business days

While the shipping cost of Media Mail is most definitely the most affordable, it does come at the price of a longer delivery window. Ultimately, we cannot be held accountable for a delivery being deemed “late” by a customer if they have opted for Media Mail but then do not want to have to wait for up to 3 weeks! Unfortunately, some customers who have selected Media Mail do make unreasonable complaints, which requires a significant financial investment from us in order to resolve in terms of customer service overhead.

This has caused us to put in question numerous times whether we should even be offering Media Mail as an option. However as we wish to continue making this product as affordable as possible we have decided for now to simply continue dealing with the stress and financial cost involved in such bogus customer service complaints being generated.

Sadly, if such unreasonable expectations persist we may be forced to review our position, which would be to the financial detriment of the rest of our customers. For this reason we ask that you be judicious in your choice to contact us regarding any such complaint.

Unfortunately we do not control the United States postal service. If your package departs via Media Mail USPS has the prerogative to take up to 3 weeks to deliver it. Once your package departs our warehouse there is absolutely no further assistance that our customer service can provide!

Please note that, as outlined in the previous question, our warehouse does not ship until your payment clears, so depending on your payment method and location you may need to add an additional 2 business days to your estimated time of arrival.

For international orders:

Within 48 hours of placing your order will will send you an email with a tracking number. If you click on this tracking number you will be taken to the delivery company's website to track the progress of your delivery. Please allow up to 48 hours for the receipt of this email, and in case you do not receive it please thoroughly check your spam box.

As outlined on the purchase page, international shipments require 14-21 days (i.e. up to 3 weeks) and this does not include customs delays!

Unfortunately, we have absolutely no power over international postal systems or over customs. The swiftness of delivery is entirely dependent on the efficiency of your nation’s postal system, and how rigorous their customs process is.

There is absolutely no further assistance that our customer service can provide in this matter. All we can advise customers outside of the US is that they should not be alarmed if their delivery takes as long as 3-4 weeks. We kindly ask that we not be contacted before such a time elapses.

Please note that, as outlined in the previous question, our warehouse does not ship until your payment clears, so depending on your payment method and location you may need to add an additional 2 business days to your estimated time of arrival. This is especially true if your order is coming from a developing nation, or a country where fraud is known to be an issue.

As we are a small company we can solely serve our foreign customers at this time by shipping internationally from the US. Rather than simply just not catering to foreign customers due to the long delivery window we decided that we wanted to at least make a foreign shipping option available. Though this may not be an ideal solution it at least provides an option to foreign customers for purchasing this product. That said, this investment is at the customers own discretion, as we have clearly disclosed the long delivery window length. We cannot be held accountable for an international customer being frustrated that their order is taking up to 4 weeks, as this is the basis on which the transaction was made, and the liability which the customer agreed to.

If this is not suitable to you then we would rather have you not place an order, than have you place an order and then generate a complaint over a situation that has been clearly disclosed at the point of sale.

Please be aware that for the reasons outlined above we are unable to respond to any delivery complaints if less than 4 weeks have elapsed from the date of sale.

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Why is international shipping so expensive?

We do realize that international shipping is expensive, and are working to find local solutions in foreign territories. That said, this is an extremely complex process and as a small company we are unable to rapidly deploy this product in multiple foreign territories, especially as the Christian market in many of these countries is too small to make such an endeavor commercially viable.

Complaining to our customer service about the cost of international shipping sadly isn’t going to change the situation. The reality is that we have absolutely no control over the cost of international shipping prices. If you don’t want to spend that much money on international shipping, we ask that you please simply don’t buy the product! As such, our customer service will be unable to assist you any further this complaint.

Please note that we could have chosen to simply not offer international shipping. However, as we wanted to provide some option to people outside of the US, we chose to enable it and to leave it at the discretion of our customers to deem whether the investment is worthwhile or not.

It is worth noting that the size of the product (which is comprised of a large gift box) is a substantial component in the cost of delivery. As this is far more than just a DVD box, it’s an entire box set, the size of the packaging large, and this has an impact on the international shipping price. (It is currently beyond the logistical scope of this business to provide an alternative smaller product format.)

We can however provide a digital download version of the movie, which can be purchased here. This includes the full movie, all the bonus features, subtitles in 19 languages, and the eBook download of the movie tie-in book. For budget conscious customers outside of the US, this might prove a preferable option.

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When will I be able to view the movie in a theater? When is the movie coming to my town?

After much appraisal we felt that we could best serve our audience by delivering this movie direct to their homes through home entertainment. This means that Let The Lion Roar will never be shown in cinemas, and will not be coming to a cinema in your town.

This situation will not change, and complaints regarding this strategic business decision will not be responded to. There are substantial financial and logistical considerations that went into making this decision, and we trust that you will honor the responsibility we had to make what we believe was the best possible choice for both our business and our audience.

If you wish to share this movie with your friends and family you easily do so by purchasing a copy for them on DVD and Blu-Ray. In fact, we even provide an 8 unit bulk pack with a 10% discount and a preferential shipping cost on our purchase page. This is a great option for if you want to share the movie with a large number of people!

If you are keen to screen the movie in your town (for example, at your church, synagogue, or home group) we do have a wonderful screening license program, which we warmly encourage you to explore. You can learn more about by clicking here.

Please note, it is illegal to screen this movie without a license. Showing this movie to a group of people without a license, especially in a public setting, is against federal law. Illegal screenings can, and will, be prosecuted.

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I do not use PayPal/online orders. Can I call in my order or mail a check?

We are a very small company, and as such we are not equipped to handle individual orders via phone or mail.

While we do endeavor to provide as many options as possible to our customers, there is a finite limit on what we’re logistically able to facilitate. We have a responsibility towards our staff to run a financially viable business model so that this business can be sustained for many years to come. So, to put it simply, taking individual orders via phone or mail simply is not cost effective enough for us.

We suggest that if you do not know how to place an order online that you simply have a trusted friend or family member assist you, or do it for you. It’s a very simple process that someone should be able to easily help you with.

As this policy will not change our customer service team will be unable to assist you further in this matter.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not need a PayPal account to use the PayPal system! Simply click on the “Pay with a debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit” field on the initial PayPal page, and fill out your payment information as a guest. Your payment will be processed without you ever needing to sign up for a PayPal account! All you need to do to place an order through PayPal is to input your debit or credit card details, just as you would with any other website order form.

PayPal accepts most credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts. This highly secure system will accept, amongst other forms of payment, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

PayPal accepts 26 currencies from 203 countries, and is widely renowned for its extremely secure platform and excellent customer service.

We appreciate your highest level of understanding in this matter. We remain committed to doing our utmost to provide the most comprehensive service possible for our customers, within the limitations of this small company’s abilities.

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Why is your product not available at LifeWay/Walmart etc?

This product will eventually launch with retailers, most likely in April 2015. However, for now, it is purely available for direct purchase from our website, as such partnerships are extremely logistically challenging, and require a long time to put in place.

As a very small company we can only take one step at a time, as God leads us, within the confines of the time and the money that is available to us. We have a high commitment to developing such partnerships. However the deployment to numerous national retailers is going to require a significant investment of time to develop.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

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My disc(s) do not work. What can be done about this?

Please start by verifying that you are indeed using the correct disc for the correct player.

Your package contains one Blu-Ray disc, and one DVD disc. This is not a part 1 and part 2, both discs feature exactly the same content, simply on two different kinds of disc formats. The reason for this is that many people own both kinds of players, and it is also more logistically simple for us to provide both formats in one polyvalent package.

The entire content (the movie and all the bonus features) is all contained on a single disc. You do not need to switch discs to access content. You simply need to select the right disc for your player – the DVD disc if you are using a DVD player, and the Blu-Ray disc if you are using a Blu-Ray player.

The DVD disc says “DVD” on it and features the image of a crown. The Blu-Ray disc says “Blu-Ray” on it and features the image of a lion.

Before contacting us regarding a broken disc please ensure that you are not attempting to place the DVD disc in a Blu-Ray player, or the Blu-Ray disc in the DVD player.

If you are absolutely certain that you are not placing the wrong disc in your player, and you have thoroughly ruled out the possibility of any issues with the player itself (disconnected cables, television on the wrong channel, remote on mute etc.) then please click here.

To be clear, neither of the discs provided are a CD-ROM, and hence will not play in a CD-Rom player. There is no download that comes with the set. If your disc is not playing in your CD-ROM player this is simply because not because the disc is not compatible with that format.

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I didn’t like the movie, can I get a refund?

We do not provide refunds on used product. All sales are final. These terms of sale were made available to you when you made your purchase. According to the terms of sale, you agreed to these terms when you placed your order.

Within the home entertainment industry this is a standard policy – if you’ve consumed a product then it cannot be returned. As we do not shrink-wrap our product we consider that once it is delivered it is consumed.

This industry-wide policy exists because unfortunately there are many people who would abuse lenience. As a business that has hard-working and diligent employees to pay (and, as it says in Luke 10:7 “the worker deserves his wages”) it would be irresponsible for us to put our employees job security at risk simply to accommodate customers who essentially wish to consume a product for free. Every single order costs money to fulfill, and we cannot afford to take a loss simply because a customer feels that it’s appropriate to consume a product at someone else’s cost.

When consumers purchase a DVD, or go to the cinema, or go to the theater, or buy a book, they take the risk that they might not enjoy its story or the artistic direction. It would be unreasonable for customers to only pay if the performance fully matches their personal tastes – this would be an entirely unsustainable model for the entertainment industry! That is not a standard that is accepted anywhere else, and it is certainly not a standard that is accepted here. We would even go so far as to say that this is a standard which, according to Luke 10:7, isn’t even Biblical.

We ask that you be circumspect about the fact that even though the film might not have appealed to your personal taste you made the decision to consume this product, and you agreed to the terms of sale.

We are genuinely sorry for you that you didn’t enjoy the film. As filmmakers we know that there is no such thing as a film that pleases everyone. We have done our utmost to provide an entertaining, though-provoking, well-executed product. However we respect your right to feel that it doesn’t match your personal tastes or preferences.

Please note that as our terms of sale (all sales are final) have been clearly disclosed to PayPal, pursuing a customer complaint with them for a refund will be unproductive. We kindly ask that you do not waste our time or yours on such a pointless endeavor. The terms of sale were agreed upon by yourself and the Bible exhorts you in Matthew 5:37 to “let your yes be yes”. We request that you show respect and honor in this matter.

We lovingly suggest that a humble, gracious and generous stance is the best positioning of the heart on this matter.

Sadly, we have received in the past numerous negative comments from customer service representatives about the poor conduct that some of our customers have shown. We ask that you consider the testimony that a rude and inappropriate outburst carries (especially as in many cases the people handling such correspondence are not Christians, and are prone to making very negative associations as a result of the abusive and dishonoring correspondence that they are subjected to by some of our customers.)

We kindly submit to you that several of your brothers and sisters in Christ are working very diligently to serve the Church through this product. We believe that the most Biblical response would to sow encouragement and honor in their lives, rather than discouragement and dishonor.

On a more positive note, we want to encourage you to read the movie tie-in book Escaping The Great Deception, which came in your box set. Many of our customers have commented on how excellent the content of the book is.  It may be that though the film did not appeal to your personal taste, the book is be a better fit.

As this response is fully cogent with the terms of sale that you previously agreed to our customer service team can do nothing further to assist you. We appreciate your grace and understanding in this matter.

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The “Buy” button does not work. Can you help me?

A quantity and country must be chosen before going to the next step.  Once that is selected, a state and shipping options will be offered. After selecting those, the buy button will work.  

After doing this if you are still experiencing issues you may want to try updating your internet browser to the most recent version, or trying the page on a different internet browser.

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I think my order didn’t go though. Can you help me?

Once your order is received, PayPal will send you a confirmation of payment, and we will send a further confirmation from ourselves that your order has been received. If you have received these e-mails, then your order has gone through. 

If you have not received these emails please check your spam box carefully, as the simplest explanation is that your email provider might have sent the emails to your spam box.

If you did not receive those e-mails, and they are not to be found in your spam box, then you will need to place your order again.

You might also wish to check whether a payment has cleared with your bank (which can be easily verified via internet banking.)

If after checking your spam box and your bank account you still have not been able to establish whether your order went through please click here.

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How can I change my shipping address?

Please email us asap at with your order number, the name on your order, your old address (the original shipping address on the order), and the new address that you want placed on it.   

Please note, if the order has already shipped we will be unable to fix this issue. A representative will respond to your email to update you.

As this is a highly time sensitive query it’s crucial that you clearly provide all the requested information, and that it be provided in full. If there are delays due to, for example, the order number not being included, that will minimize our ability to service this request before the order is shipped.

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My digital download isn’t working. Can you help me?

For all issues relating to digital downloads, including all technical issues and orders that have not been fulfilled please go to VHX, our digital platform partner, will rapidly resolve all issues for you.

Please note, if you have not received the confirmation email please check your spam box carefully. The simplest explanation is that your email provider might have sent the email to your spam box.

Our customer service team do not in any way handle queries about our digital download platform, so we kindly ask that you solely contact VHX through the link above with any such queries.

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If your question has not been addressed by this page, please click here.