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The Everlasting Covenant - Leader Kit

Delve into Scripture with this exciting six session small group study format and learn about God’s amazing plan for Israel. Through this powerful course participants will discover the history of the Church’s relationship with the Jews, what God's word actually says about Israel, and what this all means for them. This program is designed for group participation, and encourages reflection and discussion around what the themes of Let The Lion Roar personally mean for the participant.

This Leader Kit includes 1 region-free DVD featuring six video sessions and a promo video, plus 8 copies of the accompanying booklet. For groups of 9+ participants, please purchase additional booklets below.


The Everlasting Covenant - Booklet

This accompanying booklet is needed by every participant of The Everlasting Covenant small group study. This thought provoking handbook is an integral part of this group study format, providing the opportunity for the participant to explore their own thoughts and to record their journey.

This booklet is 77 pages and features insightful study questions and journaling space, plus Bible verses and stories for each of the six sessions.

8 copies of this booklet are contained in the Leader Kit, so additional copies are only needed for groups of 9+ participants.

Everlasting Covenant - Leader Kit

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Everlasting Covenant - Booklet

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