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Kevin Sorbo Appearance on Sean Hannity Radio Show

Sean Hannity Speaks w/ Kevin Sorbo on His National Radio Show

Daystar Network Interview of Kevin Sorbo

Kevin Sorbo Interview on Daystar Network

MJBI Inexpressible Joy Conference Sponsorship Radio Ad

MJBI's Inexpressible Joy Conference Sponsorship Radio Ad


Nationally Syndicated Radio Host Phil Valentine Speaks About "Let the Lion Roar" with Kevin Sorbo


Out# Overtime on Fox Network Speaks About "Let the Lion Roar" and His Faith


"Let the Lion Roar" director,
Vanessa Frank Interview on
Hollywood Alive Radio w/ Todd Coconato


Feature on KPRZ "The David Spoon Experience" Interview w/ Kevin Sorbo


Interview w/ Kevin Sorbo by Alan Colmes on Fox News Radio


Director, Vanessa Frank, Interview by Michael Rood on Shabbat Night Live


Dr. Brown Interviews Actor Kevin Sorbo and Messianic Jewish Leader Jonathan Bernis


Tom Roten Interviews Talks About "Let the Lion Roar" with Kevin Sorbo


New Movie Release - Let the Lion Roar
Movie Review at VFN Torch

Derek Frank Interview on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural Radio Show

Derek Frank's Interview on Sid Roth's
"It's Supernatural" Radio Show

The Dani Johnson Show - Let the Lion Roar Feature

Dani Johnson Features Multiple Interviews with Producers and Cast of the Film


Derek Frank Interview on AM980 with Alex Seals on The Bill Flynn Morning Show

WGGS-TV Niteline Channel 16

Derek Frank TV Interview on WGGS-TV Channel 16 Niteline Show


Derek and Francoise Frank TV Interview on the Club 36 Program on WBPI TV-49


Derek Frank Interview w/ Bishop Seals on Atlanta57 TV's "Atlanta Live"


Dr. Michael Brown Interviews Derek Frank and Asks the Question "What Does It Mean to 'Complete the Reformation'"


Dr. Michael Brown Interviews Jonathan Bernis and Discusses the Film "Let the Lion Roar"


Dr. Michael Brown Follow-up Interview with Derek Frank and Ongoing Discussion of "Let the Lion Roar"


Part 1 of 3: Interview with Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Derek Frank on Prophecy in the News program


Part 2 of 3: Interview with Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Derek Frank on Prophecyin the News program


Part 3 of 3: Interview with Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Derek Frank on Prophecy in the News program


Erick Stakelbeck Interview with Derek Frank on CBN's The Watchman Program


Derek Frank's Session on Completing the Reformation at the ICEJ Feast of Tabernacles Event in Jerusalem


Derek Frank's Appearance on Moody Radio's "Up for Debate" Show with Julie Roys - Is Replacement Theology Anti-Semitic?


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"Let the Lion Roar" Review -

Actor Kevin Sorbo discusses Christian culture and Hollywood -

Sorbo: 'This Country Was Founded on Religion... It's unfortunate It's Gone Away' -

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Alan Colmes and Kevin Sorbo -

Let the Lion Roar director, Vanessa Frank is on Hollywood Alive Radio with Todd Coconato -

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Kevin Sorbo on playing John Calvin in "Let the Lion Roar," plans for a "God's Not Dead" sequel and his support of the "Gosnell" movie - beliefnet