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How sound is it to base Let The Lion Roar on a prophetic vision?

Even if you've not personally experienced how God speaks through prophecy, dreams or visions, there's actually lots of Biblical precedent for them. In the Old Testament Jacob's life is transformed when he dreams of angels ascending and descending a ladder1 and Joseph grasps the nature of his calling when he dreams about sheaves in a field2. In the New Testament Peter understands God's purpose for the Gentiles through the vision of unclean animals lying in a sheet3 and the church in Philippi is founded as a result of Paul's vision of a man who beckons him to come over to Macedonia4.

The prophet Joel declared that in the end time sons and daughters would prophesy, old men would dream dreams and young men would see visions5, which is the scripture Peter used to explain what was happening at Pentecost6.

In the New Testament prophesying is not to be despised7 but is encouraged as a gift we should seek after8. Certainly prophecies have to fit with God's truth9, be tested with other believers and be seen to produce good fruit. However, they are still to be part and parcel of every day discipleship.

Let the Lion Roar did indeed begin with a repeated prophetic vision and a word of knowledge to 'Complete The Reformation'. But it was tested for over 20 years, so that its interpretation and application fitted with the 150 verses which Escaping The Great Deception quotes. It was therefore only a pointer to the message, and not the message itself.

Just as it was for Jacob, Joseph, Peter and Paul, the vision simply served to launch a journey that would not have happened otherwise.

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Why do you call this deception The Great Deception?

The devil's capacity to deceive cannot be overestimated. He is the father of lies1, who will attempt to deceive both believers2 and the nations3 before he is destroyed. He couldn't prevent Yeshua (Jesus) from bringing salvation to the world, so his goal has been to warp our understanding of it. The fact that the world is so able to change the Church shows how one deception leads to another!

Satan's primary lie that God has no more purpose for Israel has spawned many other seeds of deception. For example:

  1. if God has finished with Israel, God's Covenant to Israel cannot be unconditional. This then pulls the rug from under all His Covenants as being totally trustworthy, most notably the New Covenant. If God could reject Israel because of its sinfulness, why shouldn't He reject us because of our sinfulness?

  2. if God has finished with Israel, then none of the end-time promises to Israel can be taken literally, but have to be allegorized into promises that in some way could apply to the Church. Once we begin to allegorize some of God's promises, it's a slippery slope from there on. And even when boundaries are put on how far to go with allegorizing God's promises, this introduces significant inconsistencies in how to read scripture. For example, Revelation 5:9 speaks of how we have been purchased by the blood of the Lamb, which believers generally take literally. The next verse, verse 10, speaks of how we will reign on earth asa kingdom and priests. Proponents of Replacement Theology therefore have to read verse 9 literally and verse 10 allegorically, which is very inconsistent.

  3. if God has finished with Israel, this pushes our vision for how He will make all things new into the far distance4. It makes any expectancy for the end-time reign of Yeshua on earth5 into something that can only be notional, and greatly diminishes our understanding of the gospel. Instead of it being 'the gospel of the kingdom' which Yeshua preached6, the gospel then gravitates towards little more than 'what salvation means for me'.

God's choice of the whole nation of Israel, despite their flaws, as His channel of revelation to the world is the solid bedrock of His truth. Clearly the devil saw this, and realized that if believers could be deceived about this then any other truth they got hold of would then be built on a faulty foundation. That is why it's the Great Deception!

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Aren't you being unfair in your criticism of Calvin, Luther and some of the early Church Fathers?

Let The Lion Roar and Escaping The Great Deception were not intended to be a biography of Calvin, Luther and the early Church Fathers. Their aim was to highlight God's on-going purposes for the nation of Israel in a 60 minute docu-drama and a book that was short enough to be read easily. Inevitably this could only be done with a broad brush approach to the complexity of church history.

Even so, we did acknowledge Calvin and Luther through statements like this "I was in awe of their endurance to fight for truth until they got their breakthrough. I was humbled by their outstanding leadership. With great courage they had confronted the established Church and refined its corrupt theology. In their pragmatism, they had implemented the recovered gospel into the ordinary man's every day. Their prodigious grasp of scripture and their own writings had left an impressive legacy. Most inspiringly they had given their all for it." (Escaping The Great Deception p.15)

The scope of the film could obviously not illustrate how some, like Calvin, appeared to have held a consistent position, whilst some like Augustine may have softened, while others like Luther actually hardened their position. Nonetheless, we believe we fairly represented the impact of the 4th century Church Fathers and the 16th century Reformers of their views on Israel.

We also left open the question of what blame should be imputed for the long-term consequences of their views, and whether any such blame should be offset by all the good that they achieved.

Clearly the Reformers and these early Church Fathers could never have imagined how far reaching the consequence of their views could be. Let alone that Hitler and others would justify war crimes with the writings of Church history! But beyond all their achievements, there certainly appears to be varying degrees of negligence, weakness and deliberate fault in their rejection of the nation of Israel. However, God alone can be the judge of that.

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Isn't it pretentious to claim that you could complete the Reformation?

Only God can complete the Reformation. However He will do it through His body, so that no one usurps His glory.

The vision of Let The Lion Roar is not just to release a movie, but to release a movement. With this project we are purely seeking the prominence of God's message, not our own prominence. We are looking to connect with many others in the body of Christ to jointly create a massive movement of people who are using their voice and their influence to declare the truth of God's heart for Israel!

We believe that God uses the tiniest of seeds to make a great tree1, and uses the weak to confound the wise2. As such, for reasons we do not fully understand, He saw fit to entrust to us the beginning of this mandate. This is not due to our own strength, or our own abilities, but we believe simply because (as demonstrated throughout scripture) God uses broken, inept, and often sinful people to complete His purposes. We believe that it is for God to choose whoever He desires to complete His work, and we know through scripture that the choice of who He decides to work through often goes counter to human wisdom!

In Isaiah 55:9 God declares: "my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts." Indeed, we need to beware of believing that we know better than God, as 1 Corinthians 1:27 says that: "God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong."

We have been privileged to be able to set alight a vision for this generation. We have been honored to decree the mandate. But now it is for many others to take up that mantle and complete the Reformation. This is not something that will be accomplished through one person, but through millions of Christians joining to declare the truth.

William Carey's motto puts it well "Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God."

1 – Matthew 13 v31-32
2 – 1 Corinthians 1 v26-31

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If the message of Let The Lion Roar is as crucial as you imply, why aren't you making it available for free?

Whether they are secular or faith based, movies are very expensive to make, especially if like Let The Lion Roar they have many special effects!

Over 200 people have been involved in the pre-production, production and post-production of Let The Lion Roar. To get noticed in a noisy world takes a lot of advertising and excellence at every level, right down to details such as producing attractive packaging. The overheads of website, warehouse, mailing, consumer follow up are an essential part of getting this message out, and are an inescapable financial reality.

Though Let The Lion Roar was made with a comparatively low budget it was an investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars. This project has been independently financed with much personal sacrifice, and without any guarantee of financial return.

The pricing is as good value for money and is as competitive as we could possibly enable. And downloading the product directly from our website makes it now more affordable and saves the cost of international postage. Furthermore a box of 8 units costs less than $200 and is a great opportunity to help propagate the message of Let The Lion Roar!

We desire to be able to keep moving this project forwards, which means that our financial model must be sustainable. By this content being a commercial product we are able to continue covering the cost of the staff and overhead necessary to continue pursuing our mission (which has and always will be to start a massive international movement within the Church). This is a mandate that will likely require years of persistence, and as such we need to have provision for the vision.

We believe that enabling the Lion of the Tribe of Judah to roar through this project is the most significant investment you can make, and we appreciate your understanding and support.

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Why don't you say more about the remnant of Israel?

We don't say more about the remnant of Israel because there's not more to be said for the purposes of our message than, as on page 50 of Escaping The Great Deception, "In His sovereignty, God continued to reveal His purposes to His chosen ones and never ceased to maintain a remnant. Their light may have been scarcely seen on earth, but it was still seen in the heavenly realms, as God reminded Elijah when he despaired of being the only one left, 'Yet I reserve seven thousand in Israel - all whose knees have not bowed down to Baal'".1

In itself this is a crucial truth, as Paul makes clear in Romans 11, that God has always maintained a remnant chosen by grace2. However, the focus of our particular message is that God's covenant love was for the entire Jewish people, as much for the unfaithful as for the faithful. Clearly He deals with the unfaithful very differently from the faithful, but the key point we make is that they have never ceased to be His chosen people despite their unfaithfulness.

Some use the idea that God's promise was simply to the faithful remnant of Israel to seemingly enable the difficulties of Replacement Theology to be avoided. This is done by defining Israel simply as the faithful people of God in both the Old Testament and the New. However, it generates more difficulties than it seems to resolve, not least in:

  1. requiring, as with Replacement Theology, the words Church or Christian to be inserted everywhere the word Israel or Israelite comes in the New Testament, rendering almost every one of the 74 references meaningless. Also it means having to allegorize all the promises made to Israel, which then undermines confidence in the literal fulfillment of any of God's promises.

  2. seeing the modern day nation state of Israel as an accident of history, despite its miraculous rebirth and survival against all the odds, and despite the prophecies of a final return3 and of their returning to the land ahead of their returning to the Lord.4

  3. losing sight of the way God revealed Himself in how He dealt with the whole of the nation, both the faithful part and the faithless part.

God's irrevocable choice of the whole of the nation of Israel includes the faithless part, despite all that they have done.5 This is because of what He has chosen the whole of nation for, which is not for salvation, but for service. The miracle of the remnant is only part of a vastly greater miracle!

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Should Gentiles take up Jewish traditions and practices?

Gentiles can both draw from the feasts, and also feast on the whole of scripture as seen through the Hebraic perspective. But to go as far as behaving as if they have become Jewish is unbalanced, and in fact it almost amounts to another form of Replacement Theology.

The picture of the olive tree in Romans 11 explains why. Though the wild branches (the Gentiles) can be successfully grafted into the olive, they still don't become natural branches (the Jewish people). Certainly the wild branches get blessed by drawing the same sap as the natural branches, leading to the fruitfulness which only that sap can produce. It is also now the same roots that support both the wild and the natural branches1. But this does not change the intrinsic nature of the wild branches, that will always remain identifiable as having first come from a wild olive.

It is actually very important that Gentile believers retain their Gentile identity in order that the process and the promise of Romans 11 takes place.

For Gentile believers to see themselves as now Jewish is to usurp the distinctive role that Jewish believers have been called to. Certainly it can create tension for Gentile believers to understand that the One who is in them is the Jewish Messiah, and that the roots of their faith are Jewish. But scripture is clear about the need for us all to retain the position God called us to2 so that we can play our respective parts in the One New Man3.

Jewish believers should therefore not be Gentilized and Gentiles should not behave as if they are Jewish. Instead we should simply look to the day when all things will be made new!

1 – Romans 11 v17-24
2 – 1 Corinthians 7 v17-20
3 – Ephesians 2 v14-16

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Why was the narrator so stern?

In playing the role of the Narrator, Derek was not acting himself. The purpose of his role was to tell a dramatic story in a dramatic and impactful way. For such a serious and difficult topic, we felt that a solemn approach was the only approach that would be sufficiently respectful and appropriate.

Let The Lion Roar is a docu-drama which recounts the very tragic history of the Church's mistreatment of the Jewish people. It was not primarily intended to be entertainment, and it was not designed to create a feel-good factor for the audience.

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