Customer Service

If your question was not addressed on our customer service page 
please call (US number) 1-844-616-2425.

Please note, if your question has already been addressed on the customer service page there is no further assistance that our customer service team can provide.

The policies outlined on our customer service page are final, and will not be changed by a matter being pursued with our customer service team. We kindly ask that you not burden our team with questions that have already been answered, as our resources are limited and such an unproductive use of our time keeps us from being able to invest that time into the advancement of this movement.

For this reason, unless your query was specifically directed to this page (in the case of a broken disc or unresolved ambiguity about whether an order has gone through) or your question was genuinely not covered on the customer service page, we will consider the matter closed.

As such we ask that you very carefully review the answers on the customer service page. If you contact us with any of those questions you will simply be redirected to that page.