All these packages include a FREE screening license plus:

Package A: 100 FREE customizable leaflets + 1 FREE customizable poster + 20 units
Package B: 200 FREE customizable leaflets + 2 FREE customizable posters + 50 units
Package C: 400 FREE customizable leaflets + 3 FREE customizable posters + 100 units

$200 screening license alone:

Package D: Screening license + DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack

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Bring The Roar to Your Church!

Help spread this important message.
Schedule a special screening event for your congregation today.

When we produced this movie we had a vision to partner with communities across the world in sharing this important message. We wanted to equip people like you with the tools and resources to powerfully share the truth about the Jewish roots of our faith.

Hosting a screening of this important pro-Israel movie is a way to reach your community with this crucial message. So if you want to join this movement of community leaders who are rising up to support this mission we'd like to invite you to host a screening at your local church or synagogue.

We're keen to provide you with the highest level of support possible, so we've put together a special offer. We're excited to announce that we can now provide you for free with a screening license, which usually costs two hundred dollars. We will also include for free in this package customizable leaflets and full size posters that can be used to promote your event to your community.

In order to receive this exciting free promotion, worth a retail value of over $250, all you have to do is purchase a certain volume of the Let The Lion Roar box sets. These box sets can be sold to your audience after the screening, or they can be given away to people in your community. We'll even provide a 25% discount from the usual retail price, so that if you elect to sell these box sets to your audience you can even make a profit! You can use this profit however you chose, for example as a donation to a ministry, or as a fundraiser for a youth event, or to help support your local church or synagogue.

We believe that acquiring one of these comprehensive packages is the most cost effective, powerful way that we can equip you to bring Let The Lion Roar to your local community. This kit provides you with all the tools you need to create a highly successful public event. We're excited about partnering with you in bringing this important message to your city.



Can I screen the movie without a license?

Any commercial film requires a license for all public screenings. This is because the cost of producing a film are extremely high, and filmmakers need to be able to cover the expenses associated with making such a product available. Screening the movie without a license would be a breach of federal law, with an enforceable penalty of a fine up to $250,000. More importantly, it would be a breach of God's command to not steal! We appreciate and value your integrity in placing an order for a screening license before showing this movie to your local church or synagogue.

Can I purchase marketing materials separately if I just buy a license?

Unfortunately at this time marketing materials are only available to people who purchase one of our free license promotion packages.

What other marketing materials are available?

In addition to the flyers and posters that we include for free in your church screening kit we also offer a wide range of digital videos that you can use in your promotional activities. Our YouTube channel features over twenty celebrity endorsement videos, a film trailer, a call to action video with Kevin Sorbo, and two powerful music videos. These videos can be shown by your church or synagogue in the weeks leading up to your event, they can be embedded in your website, and they can be shared via social media.

Can I get a free license promotion package for less than 20 units?

Unfortunately at this time the smallest package that we offer includes 20 units.

What if I don't believe that I could sell 20 units to my audience?

Due to the celebrities involved in this production, the compelling nature of the content, the media coverage of this movie, and the powerful marketing materials that we provide we believe that you will be equipped with all the elements necessary to create a well attended event.

We highly suggest screening the film's trailer to your audience in the weeks proceeding the event, and using the flyers and posters to get the word out to your community. Even the smallest of congregations can have a successful event if its members are encouraged to use the flyers and online videos to invite friends and family. Proper promotion should provide you with a audience that is large enough to warrant retailing this volume of product.

We do provide a standalone license for $200 (which you can recoup through having an offering or by charging admission), however this does not come with any marketing materials. In addition to which we believe that you are far less likely to turn a profit and create a complete experience for your audience than if you were offering the box sets for sale.

It's worthwhile considering that, in order to be effective in your outreach, ensuring that your audience has the possibility of taking this teaching home with them enables you to be more effective in your outreach.

And if you don't want to sell any product to your audience, but you want to powerfully engage your community with this message, you could elect to simply give these box sets away as a gift to key community leaders that you want to reach with this message.


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