Messages in the Wall

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Even though it is only a retaining wall, the wall that flanks the Western side of the Temple Mount of Jerusalem has become a historic, if not sacred, monument in its own right.

The so-called Western Wall is the place closest to where the Holy of Holies in the Hebrew temple once stood. So it has become a spiritual focus for the scattered Jewish people and the symbol of their yearning to rebuild Jerusalem after its destruction in AD 70. Since then myriads have come back to it on pilgrimages to encounter God’s presence and pour their hearts out to Him. And in the last three centuries few have left without wedging a prayer note into one of the cracks of its ancient stones.

Twice a year a million messages are removed and buried unread in the Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives. Each of these prayers testify that the God of Israel is very much alive in the Jewish hearts.

Indeed it is a testament to the fact that God, who promised His eyes would be open and His ears attentive to prayer made in this very place also said, “If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14-15

The day is coming when He will fulfill this promise in a way beyond anything we can imagine!


Françoise Frank is the co-author of Escaping The Great Deception which is the movie tie-in book of Let The Lion Roar. Françoise and her husband Derek are the founders of Roaring Lion Productions, a multimedia company dedicated to sharing the Jewish roots of the Christian faith with both Gentile and Jew. She travels extensively sharing their message with churches, conferences, and the media.

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