Jesus Is A Sabra!

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Did you know that the land of Israel is not much bigger than the state of New Jersey in the US, or the country of Wales in the UK? Yet it has successfully absorbed millions of Jewish immigrants who have learned to coexist in a remarkably short space of time. Today it accommodates a wide range of ethnic, cultural, ideological and religious differences within its borders. And despite Israel’s internal tensions, Israelis stand as one big family in the face of adversity as no other nation does.

This is no small achievement for the Israeli born Jews who call themselves “sabras”, the name of the fruit of the cacti that is known to be prickly on the outside even though it is soft and sweet on the inside!

Yet it is not just the Israelis’ democratic regime, common enemies, renewed Hebrew language, combative spirits or prosperity that holds them together. It is the God of their ancestors, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who does that. And He is committed to keep them forever as a people with a common destiny, even if they are not yet aware of it.

Moreover today He is revealing to them that the Israeli born Yeshua* is their Messiah. He is removing their prickles to become more like Him, and He is ushering the softening of Israel that Paul spoke of in Romans 11.

* Yeshua is the Hebrew name of Jesus.



Françoise Frank is the co-author of Escaping The Great Deception which is the movie tie-in book of Let The Lion Roar. Françoise and her husband Derek are the founders of Roaring Lion Productions, a multimedia company dedicated to sharing the Jewish roots of the Christian faith with both Gentile and Jew. She travels extensively sharing their message with churches, conferences, and the media.

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