Feeling Overlooked?

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Do you feel you are being overlooked whilst someone close to you is being praised and unfairly promoted? Or are your colleagues rejecting you for not getting the same preferential treatment that your boss is giving you? If you do, you are one of the many victims of favoritism!

There are various examples of favoritism amongst the Hebrew patriarchs such as Isaac, Jacob and Joseph to name a few.But, although God harnessed this unfairness for His greater purposes, He has never condoned favoritism. God does not condone favoritism because favoritism leads to envy, resentment and divisions, which is contrary to His character. In Yeshua* there is neither Jew nor Greek, neither slave not free, neither male nor female.

This truth is important for us to understand in the trouble times in which we live, because anti-Semitism is fuelled with the misconception that the Jews are God’s favorite. Certainly He chose Israel out of all the nations of the world, but it was for them to be a channel of His redemption that would bless all people in equal measure. This means that His everlasting love for Israel extends to all who choose to put their trust in Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah.

To believe that Israel is God’s favorite is actually to believe that God is unjust. But if we reject His love for Israel we shortchange ourselves from knowing the love of the God, who will never overlook us.

* Yeshua is the Hebrew name of Jesus.


Françoise Frank is the co-author of Escaping The Great Deception which is the movie tie-in book of Let The Lion Roar. Françoise and her husband Derek are the founders of Roaring Lion Productions, a multimedia company dedicated to sharing the Jewish roots of the Christian faith with both Gentile and Jew. She travels extensively sharing their message with churches, conferences, and the media.

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