Dancing In the Rain

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Some grumble about another rainy day whilst for others rain is a rare luxury that money can’t buy. But, love it or hate it, too much or too little rain means no harvest, and therefore no food on the table.

What the Bible called the “early rain” was the autumn rain that softened the dry ground and made it possible to plant seeds. The “latter rain” was the gentle spring rain that ripened the grain ready for harvest. These were also prophetic pictures of the two outpourings of God’s Spirit on His people.

The first outpouring took place at Shavuot or Pentecost, the Jewish feast of the grain harvest. On that day the Holy Spirit rained down on Yeshua’s* disciples and the three thousand Jews who had come to celebrate the feast in Jerusalem were baptized.

The second outpouring is yet to happen. When it does, it will be infinitely greater than the first one! It will germinate the final harvest that is to precede Yeshua’s return to Jerusalem. It will ripen the nation of Israel and bring salvation to the Jewish people. Then God will  pour out on the house of David and on those living in Jerusalem a spirit of grace and prayer. They will look on Him, the One they have pierced and mourn for Him as one mourns for an only son.

Sadly today the Church is doing a rain dance for a revival that remains elusive because it claims for itself prophecies that were specifically given to the Jewish people. But it needs not feel robbed because, just as the first outpouring of the Holy Spirit took the good news of the Kingdom into the world, the day will come when the second outpouring will reveal God’s glory to the nations.

And when that day comes His Spirit will cover the world as the water covers the sea.

* Yeshua is the Hebrew name of Jesus.


Françoise Frank is the co-author of Escaping The Great Deception which is the movie tie-in book of Let The Lion Roar. Françoise and her husband Derek are the founders of Roaring Lion Productions, a multimedia company dedicated to sharing the Jewish roots of the Christian faith with both Gentile and Jew. She travels extensively sharing their message with churches, conferences, and the media.

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