Better Broken or Grafted

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There is something rather sad about a large broken branch hanging from a tree like a fractured limb. Because it is a hazard a tree surgeon might cut it off unless there is still some life inside its bark. In which case he will glue and bind the broken parts together like bones in a plaster cast. In time the natural branch will grow again, and produce leaves, flowers and fruit.

Though most broken branches have to be removed, others can be successfully grafted in. In fact grafts from wild trees strengthen the natural branches by drawing nourishing sap from the roots into the trunk of the tree.Like in a happy marriage the wild branch and the tree benefit from the union and contribute what the other lacks, yet retain their original character.

In Romans 11 the Bible reminds us that if we Gentile believers have roots and bear fruit it is because the Jewish branch was broken so that we could be grafted into Israel. But today the divine tree surgeon has miraculously brought this natural branch of Israel from death to life and grafted it back into the ancient tree of Jesse. This means that as they now draw the same nourishing sap from Yeshua*, both Jewish and Gentile believers can be truly enriched by one another.

* Yeshua is the Hebrew name of Jesus.


Françoise Frank is the co-author of Escaping The Great Deception which is the movie tie-in book of Let The Lion Roar. Françoise and her husband Derek are the founders of Roaring Lion Productions, a multimedia company dedicated to sharing the Jewish roots of the Christian faith with both Gentile and Jew. She travels extensively sharing their message with churches, conferences, and the media.

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